Public Statements

Public Statement on 8K:

"8K is only fully experienced with an 80" or larger TV. Most New York City apartments cannot fit an 80" TV, let alone the optimal viewing distance required. As a double whammy against 8K, there are no native 8K series, 8K movies nor 8K TV broadcasts. So instead, the 8K television relies on its own internal upscale processor to uprez from 1080p or 4K all the way to 8K. This produces an unwanted shimmering effect. If I'm at the forefront of 4K in 2021, who is working on 8K in America? The answer is no one. The only benefit is to get the latest bells and whistles from the TV manufacturer (not 8K specific), like 2,500 nits, a jump up from the 1,000 nits in 4K HDR TVs seen in homes today. To expound further, I point to my C21 Media interview where I stated 8K will mostly be reserved for large displays in futbol stadiums and sports arenas."
- Matthew Mancinelli (2/3/21)